Banyan House

at Wellen Park, Venice, Florida

Mattamy Homes partnered with our design and architecture team to create a stunning waterfront restaurant, drawing inspiration from a traditional canoe livery. The main objective was to attract a prominent regional restaurant operator, and PRIME Restaurants recognized the potential to develop a vibrant, nature-inspired full-service restaurant and bar. Known as The Banyan House, this establishment lies at the heart of Mattamy’s Wellen Park community in Venice, Florida, offering a relaxed atmosphere that seamlessly connects the interior and exterior spaces. Central to the restaurant’s design are two life-size banyan trees that have been incorporated into the interior buildout, serving as striking focal points while defining the central bar area. Abstract leaf-patterned divider walls extend this theme and provide subtle separation without obstructing the views from the bar to the dining area.

The layout of the restaurant features higher seating areas at the bar and lower seating areas around the perimeter, ensuring captivating water views from every seat. A mirrored back bar creates a sense of connection between patrons at the bar and the lively ambiance throughout the restaurant. Abundant windows and clerestories flood the space with natural light during the day, creating a refreshing atmosphere, while offering a dramatic experience at night. The seating areas cater to a range of guest preferences, from bustling and energetic to intimate, while always taking advantage of the picturesque waterfront scenery.

Client / Prime Restaurants & Mattamy Homes

Size / 6,300 Square Feet

Services / , ,
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