Butcher’s Mark

in Sarasota, Florida

Butcher’s Mark is a 3,000-square-foot specialty marinated meats store offering a modern environment and high level of customer service. Product offering includes everything needed for a day of grilling and hosting: marinated meats, bottled marinades, gourmet cheeses, olives and antipasto and fresh produce. The concept prototype is strategically designed to communicate the uniqueness and high quality of the product, and shape the customer experience. With nationwide rollout planned, the prototype is designed as to be adapted to various size and location types. Our goal was to create a fully branded environment that tells guests what Butcher’s Mark is, what makes it unique, and communicate its values. The shop itself has a visually strong, modern and branded aesthetic that begins with architectural brick exterior with bold signage. Upon entry you are welcomed by an over-sized logo seal floor inlay that embodies the brand commitment to quality. Further defining features include a glass recess in the rear grey fire glazed tiled wall allowing customers to peer in at the butchers as they work and assuring guests of freshness and quality.

Client / ABL Brands

Size / 3,000 Square Feet

Services / , , , , ,

Awards / Retail Design Institute International Store Design Competition, First in Specialty Purveyors & Provisioners

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America’s modern day butcher shop

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