Chicken Guy!

at Disney Springs, Orlando, Florida

Chicken Guy! was founded as a collaborative idea between American celebrity chef Guy Fieri and renowned restauranteur Robert Earl. Our brief was to develop a compelling environment that embodies three primary elements: The edgy side of Fieri’s personality (balanced with Disney’s family-friendly guidelines), the colorful and playful side of his personality and the high quality level of the food served. The prototype is set across 1,800 square feet in the heart of the Disney Springs entertainment district. We created an urban feel by bringing street-scape elements inside. Rough brick walls and corrugated tin ceilings; provide an edgy, urban, industrial backdrop to colorful graphics. Simple illustration-style graphics throughout the restaurant can be described as in-your-face and playful. This is the prototype and first location. api(+) has worked with Fieri and Earl to roll out the concept in various formats including airport and drive thru locations across the US.

Client / Earl Enterprises and Guy Fieri

Size / 1,800 Square Feet

Services / , , , , , ,

Awards / Shop! Design Awards, Gold for Best Fast Food Restaurant + Signage and Graphics Award

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Guy Fieri’s bold personality expressed in a lively restaurant setting

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