City of St. Pete Wayfinding

in St. Petersburg, Florida

api(+) successfully created a comprehensive citywide vehicular and pedestrian wayfinding and identity program for St. Petersburg, seamlessly integrating with the existing system. St. Petersburg is Florida’s fifth largest city whose downtown and adjacent business districts are popular with residents and tourists alike, making its wayfinding program a critical component to represent the city’s brand and provide key navigational information that enhances community character.

The program api(+) developed adeptly promotes districts, addresses one-way streets, and serves over 40 destinations, all while ensuring easy maintenance. Employing a strategic and collaborative approach, our team expanded the project scope to encompass additional elements like parking garage/lot identities, pedestrian wayfinding maps, and incorporating the work of local artists on signage. The program’s resounding success has garnered enthusiastic praise from city staff, leaders, and the community at large. With secured funding, we look forward to developing future phases.

Client / City of St. Pete

Size / Citywide

Services / , , , , ,

Collaborators / Merje

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api(+) proved their expertise and flexibility – especially with scheduling, teamwork mentality, and the ability to smoothly coordinate with the many adjacent design and construction efforts.”

– Cheryl Stacks, City of St. Pete Transportation Manager

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