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at Jordan Lake, North Carolina

With 25 existing locations in the North Carolina market, Cruizers convenience marketplace recognized the need for a new brand and prototype design that would elevate their position while still appealing to their core working class customer. The key objective was to be recognized as the premier convenience store in North Carolina, offering consistently fulfilling food choices in a fun, interactive environment. A unique element of the design is the bold, cheeky tone-of-voice that is intended to be provocative and bring a smile to your face. The communications tone encompasses permanent signage, in-store graphic communications, and advertising campaigns for fountain beverage and hot beverages. The communications target key brand and product attributes. The layout and material selection emphasize the food offering, which is a point-of-difference for Cruizers. Bright lighting emphasizes cleanliness and safety. The lighting design is integrated with the store design, with linear LED lights and pendant lights for feature lighting at key service points. Overall, the design encompasses simple forms, a neutral materials palette, and accents of bold colors. The bright and inviting environment provides a refreshing break to the day.

Client / Holmes Oil Co.

Size / 4,200 Square Feet

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Awards / Convenience Store News Design Awards, Best Original Design Honorable Mention

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Pumping up the community with fuel, fresh food and smiles

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