Specialty Retail

FitLift Foods

in Atlanta, Georgia

Fitlife Foods, headquartered in Florida, unveiled a cutting-edge prototype designed by api(+) to mark the grand opening of their inaugural out-of-state store in Atlanta, Georgia! The refreshed aesthetic introduces dynamic, colorful graphic lines that infuse the space with a lively and invigorating energy. Elevating the customer experience, motivational phrases centered on the individual are strategically integrated throughout the store, creating a uniquely personalized ambiance.

This innovative design is just the beginning. Fitlife Foods has exciting plans on the horizon, with remodels of existing locations in Florida slated for the near future. The commitment to evolving and enhancing the customer journey remains at the forefront of Fitlife Foods’ vision, exemplifying their dedication to both aesthetics and a personalized, motivational atmosphere.

Client / FitLift Foods

Size / 1,000 square feet

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powerfully good design meets powerfully good food

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