Greenwise Market

in Tallahassee, Florida

Tapping into wellness trends, GreenWise Market is a Publix Supermarkets banner offering a boutique, organic and culinary shopping experience. Stores are approximately half the size of traditional Publix stores offering a quicker, convenient and more intimate shopping trip. But Greenwise isn’t all about speed. Guests are invited to enjoy a craft beer or wine in the Pours zone, pick up made-to-order fresh foods at the Eats zone – to eat in store or take home, and to work, dine or socialize in the cozy mezzanine offering a variety of seating options. Stores appeal to a demographic of young adult shoppers with bold lettering, modern lighting, minimal, chic design and little touches made for Instagram.

Client / Publix

Size / 29,000 Square Feet

Services / , , , ,
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Have fun discovering good food

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