Specialty Retail

Knock Knock Spirits

at Lowes Foods, Lexington, South Carolina

Formerly a shopping cart vestibule, this narrow space has been transformed into a highly efficient liquor store through clever space planning and custom fixtures that utilize every square inch. The cozy size and the liquor law requirement of a separate entry inspired a 1920s speakeasy theme, complete with themed uniforms and jazz music playing inside. The use of dark colors for fixtures and wallpaper, contrasted with brass accents and white marble helps set the Prohibition-era vibe. Illuminated fixtures help feature and elevate merchandise. This is a prototype design to be implemented in the vestibule of other stores.

Client / Lowes Foods

Size / 500 Square Feet

Services / , , ,

Awards / Retail Design Institute International Design Competition Innovation Award for Concept and Brand Activation, Shop! Design Awards Gold Award for best branded shop within a store and a fixturing special element award

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Knock Knock. Booze there? Take a step into the 1920s.

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