Lee’s 4th West

in Salt Lake City, Utah

Lee’s Market 4th West is a banner of Lee’s Marketplace, a regional chain of traditional suburban grocery stores throughout Utah. The 4th West store is a completely new concept for the chain: a small urban market concept at the base of a high-end apartment building in downtown Salt Lake City. It is 12,400 square feet, but thanks to a strategic merchandising strategy and limiting quantities of each item, the store carries 90% of the product selection carried at their traditional stores, which average 40,000 square feet. Due to the small format, a strategic layout was a challenge but necessary to create an intuitive shopper journey and to encourage traffic and purchases in each department. With the rise of discount grocers and competition from online retailers, Lee’s evolution to its new downtown Salt Lake City small-format store attracts today’s modern shopper with convenience, experience and friendly service. 

Client / Lee’s Marketplace

Size / 12,400 Square Feet

Services / , , ,
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An urban take on a suburban traditional grocer

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