Lowes Foods

in Huntersville, North Carolina

Described by media as a “food hall that also serves as a community hub,” the new Huntersville store is the first built with a new smaller, urban prototype. api(+) was tasked with the challenge to develop a new prototype that is an evolution of the typical Lowes store and is designed for smaller, retrofitted locations in more urban areas. 

This location was formerly an Earth Fare store. It incorporates the individual concepts found in the traditional larger prototype such as the Cakery and Smokehouse, but the concepts are laid out as a ‘street of shops.’ The fixture plan, materials and architectural elements are modernized for more urban environments but maintain the Lowes Foods’ brand essence.

Client / Lowes Foods

Size / 25,000 Square Feet

Collaborators / Wild Fire

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A grocery store, food hall and community hub all in one.

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