Northgate Market

in Norwalk, California

Authenticity is not just a buzz word; it’s the beating heart of Northgate Gonzalez Markets’ new prototype store in Los Angeles. With a legacy of serving the Hispanic community since 1980, the Gonzalez family’s grocery stores have become a beloved institution with 42 locations. Preserving their Mexican heritage while avoiding clichés was crucial in designing the new store, as it aimed to deepen connections with existing customers and entice new ones across diverse demographics. Every aspect of the environment was meticulously crafted, incorporating symbolism, context, associations, and bilingual solutions to create a truly immersive experience. Mirroring the food markets of Mexico, where many different vendors and tradespeople gather to sell their wares, Northgate Gonzalez Market delivers an open, visually exciting and fresh atmosphere.

Client / Northgate Markets

Size / 57,000 Square Feet

Services / , , , , , ,

Awards / Shop! Design Awards, Silver in Supermarket/Grocery Category and Best Signage/Graphics Award

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Authenticity is the beating heart of Northgate Gonzalez Markets’ prototype

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