Organic Garage

in Toronto, Canada

Organic Garage is not your ordinary grocery store. Step inside and you’ll be transported to an urban, gritty cityscape that celebrates its surroundings. With streetscape-inspired architectural details, textured walls, and graffiti art, the store’s design exudes an authentic and edgy vibe. The unique tone of voice, displayed through signage and customer communications, adds a touch of cheekiness to the shopping experience.

From the angled fixtures in the produce department that emulate a bustling market to the thematic elements and feature products that enliven the center aisles, Organic Garage ensures that every corner of the store feels different from a typical grocery store. One notable feature is the repurposed construction scaffolding element in the frozen department, which transforms the space into an immersive experience.

Authenticity is paramount for Organic Garage, seen in the use of materials and attention to detail in graphics and signage. This grocery store goes beyond just selling products; it creates an engaging and memorable space that blends art, design, and functionality. With its bold aesthetic, distinctive tone of voice, and commitment to sustainable living, Organic Garage redefines the grocery shopping experience, inspiring customers to embrace a healthier and vibrant lifestyle.

Client / Organic Garage

Size / 15,000 Square Feet

Services / , , , , , ,

Awards / Shop! Design Awards, Silver in Supermarket/Grocery Category and Best Signage/Graphics Award

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A street art-inspired grocery adventure

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