Rural Lands West

in Naples, Florida

We developed the master plan and vision for a new town center for Collier Enterprises in Naples, Florida. The 90-acre Rural Lands West Town Center in Big Cypress serves as the hub for the 4000-acre community. Surrounded by 12,000 acres of preserved wetlands, it features a shopping and entertainment district with shops, restaurants, a grocer, and a cinema.

The Town Center is accessed via a wooden bridge that sets the tone for the environmentally conscious development. A central green square connects all amenities, while nature trails and waterways link nearby residential areas.

A civic center anchors the south end, with future commercial and office developments planned. This site plan, along with the nature preserve, aims to redefine community living and leisure in Big Cypress.

Client / Collier Enterprises

Size / 90 acres

Services / , , , , ,
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Redefining community living with nature-integrated town center

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