Grocery & Restaurants

Sawmill Market

in Albuquerque, New Mexico

Transformed from a historic lumber warehouse in Albuquerque’s vibrant Sawmill District, Sawmill Market stands as the Southwest’s first food hall and experimental culinary and cocktail laboratory. At api(+), our mission was twofold: honor the site’s cultural and historical significance while creating an enticing food hall destination that brims with vitality throughout the day. We carefully preserved key historic elements, like the sawmill’s dust collectors, skylights, and ceiling paneling, which imbue the space with its soul. Our design choices embrace Sawmill’s captivating story and the rich heritage of New Mexico. Step inside and be enchanted by the seamless fusion of old and new. Join us at Sawmill Market for an extraordinary journey through time and taste, where culinary innovation and cultural preservation intertwine.

Client / Heritage Hotels & Resorts

Size / 40,000 Square Feet

Services / , ,

Collaborators / Executive Architect: Eric Haskins, AIA, Interior Design: Islyn Studio

Awards / Prix Versailles The World Architecture and Design Awards Honoree

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Where New Mexico food, culture and design come together 

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