St. Pete Pier

in St. Petersburg, Florida

The St. Pete Pier strategic wayfinding program seamlessly informs and guides visitors throughout the impressive 26-acre waterfront site. Our intuitive approach assists navigation and enhances the overall ambiance. Drawing inspiration from the surrounding coastal location and architectural aesthetics, our program harmonizes with the environment through a carefully curated color and materials palette.

Our comprehensive solution encompasses placemaking, wayfinding, information, education, historical context, and philanthropic messaging, all seamlessly integrated into the site. Additionally, we leverage digital technology to provide directory kiosks and parking identities, ensuring a smooth and efficient experience for visitors.

One of our standout features is the installation of totems that adorn the perimeter of the site. These totems, which illuminate at night, have quickly become a favorite photo spot for visitors, further enriching their experience.

Client / City of St. Pete

Size / 26 Acres

Services / , , , ,

Awards / ULI Global Awards for Excellence Winner

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A globally recognized transformation of downtown’s waterfront 

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