Specialty Retail

Walmart To-Go

in Bentonville, Arkansas

Walmart To Go is untraditional in both product mix and personality. Prominent from the street, bright yellow angled columns supporting luminous green and white wafer-thin canopies create an expressive lightness. Illuminated petals of Walmart’s signature spark logo on the underside of the fuel canopy coupled with the angled columns provide a bright, welcoming beacon to motorists. To encourage fuel customers to leave their cars and enter the store, a lower canopy draws attention to the entry and provides cover from inclement weather while an expansive glass storefront presents a clear view of the fresh product assortment.

The mix of traditional grocery items, including produce and fresh prepared foods, and popular convenience store products meets the modern consumer’s desire for more frequent smaller shops throughout the week by offering convenient fresh food in an easy to shop format. Walmart To Go is an innovative take on fuel on convenience, fulfilling on-the-go consumer’s needs and offering a bright welcoming environment.

Walmart To Go, located near Walmart headquarters, is the retailer’s first fuel and convenience store concept. Walmart’s basic program required 8 fuel pumps, 5,129 square feet of store, striking curb appeal, a signature identity, cost-effective construction and a design to compel fuelers to shop the store. To satisfy the Client’s tight schedule, api(+) worked from initial conceptualization to grand opening in just five months. 

Client / Walmart

Size / 14,000 Square Feet

Services / , , , ,

Awards / A.R.E. Design Awards Gold

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Fueling on-the-go consumer’s in a bright welcoming environment

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