Food Retail


in Shenzen, China

The Shenzen grocery store is the first of a new small-format, tech-centric chain. Located at the first floor of a multi-story structure, it is price-oriented, carries 8,000 SKUs and is optimized for speed, convenience and delivery to nearby homes. It has quickly become a daily shopping destination for nearby residents. Our team worked to create an environment supporting efficient labor and product handling and convenience for customers, as well as an effective use of technology to reduce operating costs and speed transaction time. It feature an app-based shopping system that will allow customers to bypass checkout by scanning items with their phones as they add them to their shopping carts or baskets, and then paying via their phones. For added ease, the most common food items for daily needs are placed at front of store. We’re proud to continue our relationship with Walmart as a resource for out-of-the-box creative services with another successful prototype.

Client / Walmart China

Size / 10,000 Square Feet

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Walmart China’s ‘smart’ grocery prototype

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