Winter Garden Village

in Winter Garden, Florida

Winter Garden Village, situated in west Orange County and only 5 miles from Walt Disney World, is a vibrant open-air shopping center. Its design draws inspiration from a rich variety of historic architecture, resulting in a charming collection of retail storefronts reminiscent of a well-established main street. The inviting street level is adorned with lush landscaping, outdoor seating, and an impressive public art collection, all contributing to a distinct sense of place. With easily accessible connectors throughout the surface parking, the village promotes walkability and ensures a safe shopping experience. The diverse array of offerings includes a home improvement store, club, warehouse, furniture, soft goods, and discount retailers, evoking a delightful main street village ambiance.

Client / Sembler

Size / 1,144,342 Square Feet

Services / , , , , , ,

Awards / ICSC United States Design and Development Awards Winner

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An open-air shopping destination where historic charm meets modern retail

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