Yummy Market

in Toronto, Canada

The design goal for Yummy Market was to create a fully-branded European-style environment and to define the brand essence, focusing on personality, promise, point-of-difference, and tone-of-voice. It was important to appeal to Europeans living in Toronto and adventurous foodies alike. The building Yummy Market selected posed a unique design challenge, because it was previously occupied and heavily branded by a well-recognized grocery store chain. Rather than gutting the building, api(+) avoided replacement costs of high quality pieces by integrating some existing architectural and design elements into the Yummy Market design. Prominent design features include images of European landmarks, curved bulkheads featuring colorful tiles and signage, and an open layout. Hints of European culture, such as the Cyrillic ‘Я’ in the dairy department signage, can be seen throughout the store.

Client / Yummy Market

Size / 50,000 square feet

Services / , , , ,

Awards / Progressive Grocer Store Design Awards, Best Remodel Less Than $3 million

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Our authentic European recipes, freshly baked breads and a large assortment of European delicacies, paired with the European-inspired store architecture and interior design, take our customers on a European culinary adventure. api(+) was able to translate our European shopping experience vision into a design that captures our brand essence.

Alexi Tsvetkov, Yummy Market CEO

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